Shenzhen CongMingxing Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is a high-tech enterprise with R & D, production and sale of electronic products, and has many patent technologies. The company is mainly related to the overseas market, specializing in mobile phone karaoke microphone, worship table, electronic toys and other products listed in some children. The beginning of 2016, the company specializes in mobile phone live karaoke microphone products, focus on the development of the domestic market, vigorously develop the domestic business. At present has been listed in the sales of products are: X-7, x-7a, k088, K38, K3, V007, R8 and other types of mobile phone live karaoke microphone. Cong star is committed to providing cost-effective entertainment products for the vast majority of consumers who like to sing. Now facing the National Recruitment agent, please immediately consult online customer service or call China Merchants join the hotline: 400-878-4463!