congmingxing X-7A mic

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  • Classification: Microphone
  • Specifications: 128mm*25mm
  • Colour: yellow
  • Size: 128mm*25mm
  • Application: Sing
 X-7A microphone of  CongMingxing

X-7A size:
The size of x-7a is: 128*25*25mm

X-7a voice type:
The x-7a microphone is used to tune in a moving coil.

X-7a keys:
The x-7a keys are divided into the open key, the soprano key, the bass key, the reverberation key, the volume key, the apple Android switch. Open the key is a key switch function; high bass keys for microphone high bass adjustment, the auxiliary high bass in the recording songs; the microphone sound reverberation key button, using this function can make the sound more vigorous stereo; the volume keys to adjust the control volume of microphone; apple Android switch, x-7a compatible with apple Android when the mobile phone system, different systems use need to use this button to switch, also need to pay attention to is that when you need to charge the position of sliding into Android's normal charge, otherwise not charge!

X-7a interface type:
The interface types of x-7a can be divided into two types: MicUSB interface type and 3.5 earphone interface type. The MicUSB interface type is a charging special interface, and the 3.5 earphone interface type interface has three, the top is the recording input interface, the two below is the audio output interface. As shown in the following figure。

x-7a mic

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