R8 mic

  • Price:¥ 138RMB

Product details


  • Classification: Microphone
  • Specifications: 28cm
  • Colour: white、pink
  • Size: 28cm
  • Application: Sing
R8 microphone of  CongMingxing

R8 size:

The length of the fuselage 25cm, the length of the handle: 11cm

R8 voice type:
R8 mobile phone karaoke capacitive microphone

R8 connection mode:
CongMingxing R8 mobile phone microphone connection for karaoke Bluetooth wireless connection, does not support audio line connection! This is one of the features of this microphone! But this R8 mobile phone microphone support TF card inserted K song acts as a MP3 role!

R8 release function:
CongMingxing R8 karaoke microphone mobile phone comes with two high-quality Bluetooth audio playback volume, grand, covering 50 square meters hall! And promise not to break the wheat!

R8 power supply mode:
Power supply cleverstar R8 mobile phone karaoke microphone using the built-in lithium battery, battery capacity is 1800mAh! One time full of electricity, normal singing for about 3-4 hours!

 R8 mic